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I offer several therapy, coaching, and workshop options to meet your specific needs and goals. I am completely invested in helping my clients through the therapy or coaching process, serving with abundance. Together we identify a custom plan for you, and I commit to being available between sessions for calls, emails, or texts.

All of these areas of support are grounded in the principles of Kindness Incorporated (KI).

Therapeutic Support for
Individuals and Families

Are you feeling overwhelmed, unable to take anything else on? Are you experiencing the debilitating effects of trauma, depression, burnout or anxiety? I will customise a plan for you, either individually or with your family, which will meet your specific needs and help you make a full recovery, both mentally and physically. My therapeutic methods bring quick relief from frightening symptoms, and will help you understand that what you’re feeling is a normal reaction to extraordinary circumstances. I can assist you in managing your situation and provide the tools to begin your recovery. I help people re-connect to themselves once and for all, forging a internal relationship that you can rely on and will last a lifetime.

Coaching in the Art & Science

behind Kindness

My specialised coaching is based on the knowledge that how you relate to yourself internally affects everything you think and do. From this foundation coaching and mentoring can be a fast and effective way of you extending yourself whilst staying well, and fulfilled. The science behind cultivating a kind and companionable relationship with yourself does away with inner brutality that requires us to divorce ourselves from our genuine desires, and abilities. You’ll learn techniques to have a successful business or career and stay well, happy, and connected to your family. These techniques transform your internal state to one of ease and quiet and awakens your creativity, joy, and love in a way never felt before.

Therapeutic Support for

Business Leaders

Are you stressed out most of the time? Are you secretly unkind to yourself? Does your inner brutality berate you for not being more capable, making more money, or being happier? Are you fearful of “toppling from the top,” and therefore unable share your anxiety, depression, and disappointment at not finding happiness there?

It doesn’t have to be this way. This therapy is specifically for leaders who are tired of experiencing a life half-lived. This journey will help you feel robust and resilient in the face of the rigours of modern corporate culture. Incorporating kindness into your professional life can lead to increased career success as you reap the benefits and energy this self-discovery will bring you. It will positively affect your mental and physical health, your wealth, your relationship, your work, your family, and your business. Your relationship with yourself is the single most powerful tool to get you to the top of your game and keep you there.

KI Workshops for Leaders,

Businesses, and Teams

In these workshops, I help executives and business leaders develop the skills to establish a productive company culture that improves the mental and physical health of their employees, unleashing creativity and hidden talents, while directly reducing the need for sick leave. You’ll be able to identify the signs of “pre-traumatic stress disorder” in yourself, your colleagues, your staff, and your business environment, preventing stress-related illness before it sets in.

Incorporating kindness is a serious business, and in today’s stressful and demanding work environment, we need to create a new paradigm that prevents burn-out, depression and physical breakdown in our creative talent. Instead, we can increase productivity and profits while maintaining our humanness.  These workshops are customized to meet your specific needs.

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Contact me via my website, email, or call to schedule time to learn more about these options.

I work with people all over the world using Skype, or can meet with you in my office, your office, or in your home.

I also offer mini retreats, full or half-day, where you can fully immerse yourself in new techniques to help you improve your personal and professional life.

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KI for Business Leaders

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