The Healing Power of Kindness Incorporated

In today’s intense and fast-paced environment, stress builds up from high-pressure jobs that expect progressively greater levels of performance. Add family and social obligations, and it becomes too easy to lose touch with the baseline humanness of who you truly are and what you need, thus limiting your ability to live a full and productive life.

With nearly 25 years in psychotherapy, I developed Kindness Incorporated to help you cultivate a kind and companionable relationship with yourself, transforming inner brutality into resilience, opportunity, ease, and joy. As a result, you’ll release untapped energy and feel more open to internal creativity and external possibilities.

Incorporating kindness into our lives can also be profoundly healing, and can help with recovery from trauma, burnout, anxiety, stress, depression, and despair.

I know it works because I have seen the transformation over and over.  I have also experienced trauma in my own life, and realized if I was ever going to recover and heal I needed to be kind to myself. What held me back, and holds others back from healing and harnessing our personal power, is what I call inner brutality of thought, which saps us of our potential and vigor. This can disengage us from self-care, and gradually wear us down into total collapse.

There are 3 key components to Kindness Incorporated: Companionship, in which you cultivate a kind and companionable relationship with yourself, meaning you intentionally and unfailingly practice kindness towards yourself, becoming your own best friend. Consideration of your whole life experience, including examining what you tuck away. Care and appreciation for how your experiences have shaped who you are today. You learn the power in self-care, and how to continue on this journey amongst the rigors of life while being happier and healthier.

A simple formula within the complexity of human experience, it takes courage, but I can tell you it works. Once you embrace and apply these 3 key components consistently, you will experience life more fully, discover hidden talents, and most of all regain the enriching energy that inner brutality has been draining from you.

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